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I am presuming Ian is gay too, I know nothing much about him, but he seems quite gay to me !

London 2012: viewers' verdicts on BBC sports presenters As the Olympic athletes begin their fight for places on the podium, London 2012 viewers and Twitter commentators deliver their verdict on the BBC's dedicated team of sports presenters. Peter Tatchel calls the BBC, the British Bigotry Corporation."The BBC justifies its admitted failure to treat the lesbian and gay community the same as the black and Jewish communities by rejecting any analogy between racism and homophobia.

That obviously means that they’re ready for the next step, the dreaded meeting the parents scenario.

Becky also posted a sweet photo of the pair on the night, adding a love heart emoji in her caption.

After her followers started to comment on what a beautiful "couple" the pair made, Becky felt the need to clear up the speculation.

To be honest, I’m not sure how Nina Dobrev’s parents would feel about her dating half of Hollywood’s eligible bachelors, since they had to have read it in the tabloids.

I may be wrong, but I don't think Foster has ever publically stated he wasn't gay, unlike Colin Jackson or indeed Thorpe. Jane Hill the newsreader is one of the BBC open lesbians, like Clare Balding, who is also partnered with a BBC woman.

In some mock joshing earlier in the week Foster said Thorpe was weariung his T-shirt and told Balding to get it off him. Thorpe may be protecting his Australian earnings but watching him he just has to be gay, if not the gayest gay who ever gayed.

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Or recreate Rebecca's look with the help of our edit below.

But the reality is that Becky does that simply to get my attention either when she has something to say or else she wants me to butt in.' Shock!

Taylor Swift, who’s had a run of bad boyfriend luck over the past few years, is reportedly back in the dating pool again.

Christine and Mark met and became friends on Strictly Come Dancing in September last year.' Miss Bleakley, 30, returned home yesterday and will now resume her duties on the BBC1 show alongside Chiles.

The pair have consistently denied being romantically linked after she split from fiance Mark Beirne in January.

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