Who is leighton meester dating in real life 2016

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At the film’s press day, actress Leighton Meester spoke to Collider for this exclusive interview about how great it was to be a part of something with so much positive energy, why she loves comedy, how she related to her character, the major change to one of the film’s plot points, how being matched up for a film is like going on a blind date, and being attracted to imperfect and flawed characters.She also talked about her latest album, Heartstrings, her experience performing Of Mice and Men on Broadway (with Chris O’Dowd and James Franco), that she never wants to do the same thing twice, and that she would definitely be interested in doing a limited-run TV series. Collider: There are quite a few more of them now, but still not nearly enough, so what’s it like to be a part of a female-driven comedy and have so many women behind it? I have really realized the importance, since doing it, as well.Were you nervous about who you’d be playing opposite with, in this film? You can end up, as if it’s a blind date where your friends go, “You’ll really like this person!,” and you’re like, “No, you’re a dude.” But in this case, if I can say this, I think we both really lucked out.I think we were both really game to just bring ourselves to it and give anything we could. (Writers) Susanna [Fogel] and Joni [Lefkowitz], having met me and then having met Gillian [Jacobs], were like, “Here’s a blind date of people we think will like each other.” They really read the signs very well, and we supported each other, throughout it.You get a lot of time to spend on set with people on a small movie where there aren’t big trailers and everyone is going their separate ways. When you play a character like this, who is so close to your real age and who you are, does it make you a bit more reflective with your own life? It’s age, it’s the material, it’s the writing, it’s the character and who’s playing it. I may not be a totally typical person because I’ve been working on the career that I have now for my entire life, more than not working, so I just have a different view of my goals.

Paige originally said that she wasn’t going to get married until gay people could get married.I think it’s really cool to say that we did this movie that’s directed, written, starring and about women, and people should go see it. MEESTER: I think I’m really hilarious, but that doesn’t always translate. A lot of different types of movies that I see can be funny for different reasons.I think it’s just your brand of humor and finding out where you fit in and what you think is funny. The funniest joke in the world might not be that funny to you. Do you feel like you found your brand of humor pretty quickly, or are you still finding it? I like broad, funny, weird comedies, but then I like a movie like this, that is grounded and based mostly in reality. For me, taking a joke a little too far or being a little dark is kind of good, as are funny moments leading to sad moments, or vice versa. MEESTER: I loved the script and thought it was great, and I was compelled to play the character. Was Sasha always the role that you were interested in, or did you ever consider Paige?It’s great when you can find out what your brand of humor is and work with people that are like-minded and have a grounded, real character. MEESTER: Pretty much, from the first page, I related to Sasha.What’s great about this is that it’s based in real life, but they just use humor in ways that real people do, which is to deflect serious issues and as a way to be sarcastic and human, rather than this larger-than-life comedic thing. She’s different from what I’ve played, and she’s also so much like me.

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