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But for Leto, he has tried as much as he could to keep things to himself, so nobody can tell if he is dating or not.

Although technically, he is single since there hasn’t been any wedding yet but the rest of it all remains concealed.

Once he entered the Big Apple, he took classes and started his career, writing and appearing in the short film, In 1992, Leto headed to Los Angeles with a bigger dream of starting out his directing and acting career.

However, the only roles he could lay his hands on were small roles on TV shows.

Having come from not-so-rich home, Leto’s had to depend on a broken-down piano to create songs. Today, their past experiences have paid off and serve as a ladder to their success.

The brothers now own a successful rock band group “Thirty Seconds to Mars.” Shannon Leto is the drummer of the group while Jared Leto is the frontman.

But apparently, Leto’s sexuality is straight as he has been seen with different women.

Those days, the Leto brothers lived in an environment surrounded by creative artists, musicians, and performers.

In addition to that, Leto is known to be actively involved in many charitable pursuits.

Leto has three brothers; one older and two younger half-brothers (from his father’s second marriage).

"Hot Girl Summer" is the latest viral trend that stemmed from Megan Thee Stallion, who even released a song explaining what the phrase means.

If you missed it, Jared is in early talks to play a serial killer in an upcoming movie with two fellow Oscar winners.

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