Who is david tennant dating now

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fans can hope so anyway, as they already know that David Tennant and Catherine Tate mixing it up in a dramedy equals success.Both actors were great at walking the tightrope between silliness and seriousness when they were passengers on the TARDIS, and their performances led to some of the show's most emotional moments.

Interested in acting since his childhood, David acted in an anti-smoking film made by the Glasgow Health Board at the age of 16.

They have three children together: Olive Tennant (born 2011), Wilfred Tennant (born 2013), Doris Tennant (born 2015).

He also adopted Moffett's son, Tyler (born March 27, 2002) from her previous relationship.

The dramedy is being written by Tate and will be produced by the Welsh production company Bad Wolf, which was one of the teams behind HBO's .

Deadline reports the in-development series is believed to be in advanced stages of development for Sky One, and given the two actors' international appeal, an American distributor will likely be sought out in time for the premiere.

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