Who is david kross dating

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You know, I was absolutely there for him; I talked him through it all, I said, Look, this is whats going to happen. You know, really just explaining those things to him, cos I think as a younger actor, knowing this just from my own very specific experiences, its the elements of the unknown about scenes like that that are way worse than the reality. *Imitates Krosss German accent* Well, I just thought it would be the whole crew.So, just to turn round to David and say, Theres gonna be about three people in the room, I mean, literally I saw the world fall away from his shoulders . I said, Oh, my good LORD, no, theyll be way outside; youre not gonna see them for a week.KW: The role, the character, the novel first came to my attention six years ago, when I was pregnant with our son, Joe.I read the book and I was 27 at the time and I was absolutely gripped and compelled and ultimately devastated by the novel and immediately thought, Oh well, someone must be making this into a movie. I never, ever, ever thought of myself because I felt I was 27, and 27 and 32, to me that seemed like such a big gap.KW: You know, the makeup was unbelievable, and we all worked together as a team.That makeup was sort of designed by all of us together, myself, Ivana Primorac, Pauline and Matt who worked from Animated Extras, a prosthetics company in England who made all those pieces.KW: No, he had nothing to do with the making of The Reader! And it was really midway through shooting the film someone mentioned this to me and I really went, Oh, yeah! The thing is for me this was never a Holocaust movie to me.It isnt, its part of the story and provides something of the backdrop, sets the scene.

I played April Wheeler and Hanna Schmitz and Im absolutely exhausted. But, yeah, you know I can put one foot in front of the other, sort of. To say that its been the most creatively rewarding 18 months of my life would really be an understatement. Here I am at the age of 33, and the roles Im being offered are being offered are getting more and more interesting and more and more challenging, and as an actor thats really a dream.

KW: I was so excited to work with Sam for the first time, I just could not wait. And to be reunited with Leo, it was just such a dream, you know?

And for Sam to work with the both of us together knowing that we have this friendship, this trust and this history that predates my relationship with Sam, even, he knew that was going to benefit our portrayal of those two people.

I think hes considerably more sophisticated and mature than I was at that age. TDR: About your other release, Revolutionary Road what was it like to have worked with your husband, director Sam Mendes for the first time?

Was it odd for him to direct you and Leonardo Di Caprio in love scenes?

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