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"You know all these guys have this macho image, but a delicate ego to go with it," she told Carol."In a couple of days, he'll get over it and be begging you to forgive him," Mary said with a laugh.Finally I just turned it off, and went back to my room to sleep; or at least try to. "We were just joking with him," Dan said in almost amazement at how it had escalated to that level."Don't worry, he'll be back when he cools down," Dave said, as his wife Tina told them all to shut the hell up. "Honey we didn't see him standing there until it was too late," Beth told her.I have a wife that has a big mouth and sometimes she just needs to keep it closed or wrap around my dick where it will do some good.Six months ago, my wife Carol and I were at a friend's house for an adult, party night. The guys adjourned to half-ass watch a football game in the family room, while the wife's were in the kitchen and dining room chatting away.

If I said I was hot, that would have been a gross understatement. " I turned around, walking back into the dining room. As the wives stood there quietly, the guys continued to make snide comments until I had heard enough.

If I didn't meet her criteria, why the hell did she marry me; it wasn't like I'd forced her.

I guess Carol just looked at me as a comfortable, meal ticket; but no more he said to himself.

However, my euphoria was short lived, when my wife Carol replied, "I only wish there was more of him, in the front, if you know what I mean." Tina, another wife, replied, "You mean your not getting enough?

" "I get all the quantity, but sometimes not the quality," Carol told them.

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