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The update will change how the update metadata is loaded into memory.Pending the results of final testing, this fix should be available late in the 2nd quarter of CY2015.

If an update is on WSUS and in a non-declined state, the Configuration Manager scan criteria will cause the Windows Update agent to try to evaluate it.

Storm information and forecasts specific to your local area can be found from you local Weather Forecast Office (WFO) through

Please note that hurricane and tropical storm watches and warnings for winds on land as well as storm surge watches and warnings can be issued for storms that the NWS believes will become tropical cyclones but have not yet attained all of the characteristics of a tropical cyclone (i.e., a closed low-level circulation, sustained thunderstorm activity, etc.).

When coastal tropical storm or hurricane watches or warnings are in effect, the NHC and CPHC issue Tropical Cyclone Public advisories every 3 hours.

You can find these products on the Atlantic and eastern North Pacific or for the Central Pacific; on TV, radio, and cell phones; and NOAA Weather Radio.

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