Updating xbox360 nxe from c d

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In truth, I've never got around to moving my content over from the launch era hard disk to the 120GB drive that came with the Elite.This aged drive has never been formatted and never had its cache cleared.

updating xbox360 nxe from c d-69

If other discs work but this specific one does not, then this is likely the problem.

With so many games streaming data from the DVD on the fly, do we actually see any improvements to gameplay as well as loading times? Video captures of both gameplay run-throughs allowed us to get frame-accurate loading times (rounded up to the nearest half-second) and the comparison of the selected footage could also be used to judge any differences in game performance.

As the vast majority of the userbase would be running NXE from the 20GB hard disk, that's what we did too.

As you can see, Epic's streaming is extremely well optimised for playing from disc, to the point where the hard disk installation barely makes any positive impact whatsoever, aside from saving yourself the odd second here and there, and of course reducing the volume of your Xbox 360. Despite featuring five different games in one phenomenal package, The Orange Box in its entirety fills only 4.7GB of the theoretical 6.8GB limit imposed by an Xbox 360-formatted dual-layer DVD.

It's also one of the few games where performance is hugely improved by the installation.

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