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Out of sequence progress can be inevitable due to changing conditions on the project site, but how it is handled during the life cycle of the CPM schedule is the more important aspect.

Reviewing the accuracy of the schedule logic against the sequence of the installation work in the field is the key and the logic should be analyzed during every update period.

Whenever logic has been revised from the baseline plan it should be noted in a monthly schedule narrative or a letter to the owner/general contractor specifying all logic changes.

As shown in the examples above, most out of sequence progress can be resolved, but where it cannot, or more importantly, where it should be retained, it should be communicated to all parties involved in the schedule clearly.

In this instance, the logic has changed and the Lighting Conduit Col 15-21 is now actually starting first, but the existing logic (from the baseline) remains the same and is causing Out of Sequence Progress by pushing out the Lighting Conduit Col 15-21 end date incorrectly. To correct this type of Out of Sequence Progress, the logic must be altered to reflect the correct flow of work.

In this case, the Finish-to-Start (FS) tie from INSTALL LIGHTING CONDUIT Col 7-15 to INSTALL LIGHTING CONDUIT COL 15-21 needs to be broken and re-tied showing the Conduit Col 7-15 as following (successor to) the Conduit Col 15-21. By removing the Lighting Conduit Col 7-15 as a predecessor and making it a successor to Lighting Conduit 15-21 the Out of Sequence Progress has been eliminated and the logic is now modeling what is taking place in the field.

Open ends on installation activities are not acceptable.

Another example from the log report would be activity 108ERI4343 (see example 2 above).

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