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If the battery fails during the firmware update or the update is interrupted in some manner, the risk is having a camera without usable software.

Meaning you have a dead camera that you have to take to the manufacturer to fix!

Please note that some camera models never had new or updated firmware released and therefore new firmware updates may not be listed at all.

Important: You need to know the model of your camera and only use the firmware that is specific to your model.

When a new camera is assembled the manufacturer loads the firmware that was designed at that time.

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An analogy is to updating the version of software on your smart phone.

I recommend checking for updates on a semi-regular basis, every few months or so, and after you purchase a new camera is also a good time to check.

There will likely be fewer firmware updates for older cameras but still worthwhile checking, perhaps on an annual basis.

Other reasons why firmware updates are released is to include new camera features such as added languages, or to have manually adjustable settings that were once solely automatic.

Some updates are to support new optional accessories for your camera (e.g. I like to think of them as free upgrades to your camera.

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