Updating firmware on mp3 plater

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I would not recommend that anyone buy a player there from any major manufacturer if the buyer cares anything at all about region free playback.Israel is a PAL country and uses different power than the US, so buying a DVD player in the USA was a poor idea for you.On the other hand, since it has a USB port, you can probably update/downgrade the firmware from a USB pen drive, too.

Windows 10 is very likely to get a new build sometime this month, but Microsoft hasn't yet provided any specs for this particular release.Hi , i bought th lg bd370 and there is a problem , when i put in it DVD its work great the same thing with mp3 dvd-r or pictures , but it doesn't see avi or mkv files the Movie button in the home menu is unpushable , only when i put in dvd video its working but not with avi (divx/Xvid) or mkv files .( the same thing happend with my usb flash ) what can it be ? [QUOTE=lowellriggsiam;1971570]I don't see that it accepts those formats v=Ofbcya LQXDs like in this video Did you try updating the firmware?Item=N82E16882005044&nm_mc=OTC-Froogle&cm_m...044[/QUOTE] well it should ! (Sorry, I don't know how to do that with that particular player.) I've seen some posts elsewhere that imply there may be some regions in which AVI/MKV playback will not work, but that type of limitation usually seems to be for users in the US, for some reason.if you download the Specifications (right side) there is nothing about MKV ,or DIVX. looks like you didn't do your homework when you bought the player. I did some research and I saw that some functions like the divx were not available in the US, most likely this function is just locked out.

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