Updating firmware on blackberry pearl Asian adult chatting

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Black Berry Pearl 8110, 81 use the Antioch chip from Cypress Semiconductor, a Westbridge peripheral controller enabling "direct connection between peripherals, creating ultra-fast transfers".This upgrade from 8100 provides faster USB sideloading than older phones, and fast connection to the micro SDHC card, capable of transferring 1 GB file in less than 70 seconds - over 16Mbyte/s transfer rate.so goodluck:) and please rate this solution thanks cya...240x260 pixel, 57 mm (2.25 in) diagonal, 62 pixels/cm (157 ppi), 65536 colors (16-bit) TFT LCD (8100 series)240x320, 66 mm (2.6 in) diagonal, 61 pixels/cm (154 ppi), and 128x160, 41 mm (1.6 in), 50 pixels/cm (128 ppi) TFT LCDs (8200 series) The Black Berry Pearl (8100 / 8110 / 8120 / 8130 / 8220 / 8230 / 9100 / 9105) was a series of smartphones developed by Research In Motion, and was the first Black Berry device with a camera and media player. T-Mobile was the first US carrier to release the phone as a carrier device.The Pearl supports the full range of Black Berry enterprise functionality.Unlike previous Black Berry devices, the Pearl includes a music player, camera, as well as other multimedia functions.This 3G line came with 360 x 400, 2.25" TFT display (built on 110 µm pixel). The Pearl uses a modified QWERTY layout on a 4-row, 5-column keypad, with a proprietary predictive input algorithm called Sure Type.The 9105 features a traditional alphanumeric keypad and also utilises the Sure Type facility for predictive text with the option to use the traditional typing method.

If prompted, type your Black Berry device password and click Next. If the On the Device Backup screen appears, choose whether to automatically back up the Black Berry device and click Next. Click Finish to begin loading the Black Berry Device Software. Next open the Desktop Manager, then go into Application Loader.The Black Berry Pearl 8220 is RIM's first flip phone.It is thus often referred to as the "Pearl Flip" or "Black Berry Flip".It requires the purchase of a Micro SD memory card to support storage of multimedia files beyond the 64 MB provided internally.Most notably, the Pearl uses a translucent trackball (the "Pearl"), which facilitates horizontal and vertical scrolling, instead of the traditional Black Berry scroll wheel.

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