Updating album art in itunes

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This may take a while depending on the size of your library. After a little while, the status should change to “Downloading Album Artwork” .This again may take a while depending on your music library. Change your view to “Cover Flow” and you will see all or most of the albums missing art work now have some.If so, then you’ll need to enter your email and password.

If i Tunes album artwork is showing on computer, then after syncing process, the i Tunes album artwork would be shown on i Phone.Here’s a step-by-step guide to make i Tunes search for album art for you. If you haven’t already, download and install i Tunes from Apple’s site. During the initial set up, i Tunes will encourage you to create an account.While you don’t have to make an account to use the application, you do need an account to search for album art.Click the i Tunes Library in the left-side menu, select Music, then select songs you need, click To Device button.Any Trans could also help you transfer music from i Phone to i Phone, transfer music from i Phone to computer and vice versa.

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