Tyler perry dating janet jackson

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In his home base of Atlanta, where the Tyler Perry Studios is located, he owns “Avec Chateau,” a not quite 17,000-square-foot mansion in Fairburn, GA, which he also custom built on 11.4 acres he purchased in the spring of 2001 for ,661.

He also detailed his complex and close relationship with Tyler, who he said is scared his popular Madea stage performances would not continue to garner financial and critical success if he came out.This inspired him to begin writing and he worked through his bad experiences by writing letters to himself. Unfortunately, after renting a theater in Atlanta to stage the play, he failed to attract as much audience as he desired.In 1998, he got a second chance to stage his play again and this time, the play was sold-out and drew attention from investors.The child turned out to be a son (Aman) born on November 30, 2014.Perry and Bekele generally keep their son out of the public eye.

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