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If Martina had been facing Jennifer in the finals, I think she would have been especially pumped up for revenge after Wimbledon. Up to that point, Martina had probably had a crowd like that before.

They were going crazy every time Martina and Arantxa won a point, it was enough to bring one to tears.

Martina played a good first set, but then ran out of gas in the second. And she was bound to have had a letdown after that thrilling win over Steffi just the day before. But oh well, it was what it was but looking back, I can definitely say that 1991 remains my best memory of Martina at the Open. But the match that is seared in my memory is the first round doubles match against Sabine Appelmans and Linda Harvey-Wild on the Grandstand court.

Many a time I have wished Jennifer had been able to defeat Monica in their semifinal - she was so close, just two points away at one point and served for it twice. We got to see the final set tie-break on tv and I just couldn't believe the crowds - they were so totally behind Martina, it was incredible!

Martina & Sveta coasted through to the quarterfinals where they faced Liezel Huber and Magdalena Maleeva, their conquerors earlier in the year in Miami. Clearly, Martina and Sveta were now the favorites to reach the finals which might have been a difficult adjustment for them and it showed - but in the end, they came through 6-4 7-6.

I remember how hopeful I was - could they pull of a repeat of their amazing win in Miami against the second seeded Virginia Ruano Pascual and Paola Suarez a.k.a. Up to that point, Martina had a relatively good record against them and it was natural to expect our team to cap off an amazing year with a Grand Slam title. Martina & Sveta were never really in the match and despite a late rally, they were brushed aside in straight sets 6-2 6-3.

For starters, she was only the #6 seed, with Mary Joe Fernandez slipping past her as the #1 American player the week before the Open.

And then there was the mess with Judy hanging in the air.

That win sent Martina into the fourth round - a rematch against Manuela Maleeva-Fragniere who had beaten her at the same stage the year before.I'll never forget how happy Martina was after this victory.She jumped up and down, punching her racket in the air as she twirled around the court on her way to meet Arantxa at the net.I posted this on my message board - which is private and only open to Martina fans - and did not get much of a response. As most of you know, I only became a fan of Martina's in 1989 so I missed the heyday years at the Open.And I only spent about an hour putting the whole thing together! My memories date from 1989 onwards and here are my top 3: I don't think I will ever forget Martina's incredible run to the finals that year, where she went one round better than Jimmy!

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