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In this post I will be discussing how to order ENC (Electronic charts) and also how to correct ENCs on ECDIS.

There are hundreds of makers for ECDIS, each having different procedures, menu and layouts.

For Flag state conformance, vessels must also carry up to date paper charts for these areas. Chart updates for ECDIS can be done directly to vessels by DVD, e-mail or online. As well as the purchase and installation of a fully approved ECDIS, compliant training is also required.

Using RCDS mode in ENC available geographic areas is forbidden. We understand the complexity of managing the changes to chart folios resulting from changing vessels' trading patterns or available ENC coverage.

They also argue that ECDIS should not be primary means of navigation till the time all ambiguities are eliminated and procedures streamlined. In this post I am trying to streamline some of the procedures related to ECDIS.

I strongly believe that if we deal with the ECDIS with correct approach, it would not be that difficult as it might look, specially to the seafarers working with the ECDIS for the first time.

To comply with the IMO regulations you will be required to install an ECDIS with type approval from the recognised organisations or marine classification societies nominated by flag states within the timescale shown in the above timetable.

However, only charts issued by or on the authority of a government and official Hydrographic Office are classified as official charts and authorised to fulfil carriage requirements.

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I mean the boundaries or the area covered in paper chart do not necessarily correspond to a particular cell number or ENC.How to know what all charts you have and what all you need to order.To do this in the chartco, go to Start-Main Menu and click on Route and Passage.But there are many of us, who do not still agree with this.They argue that shrinking the width and height of paper chart to a 21 inch screen can bring too many confusions.

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