Tips on dating a single mom intimidating and threatening boss

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Be considerate, and understand that sometimes dates might get derailed by family emergencies. Safety is always important, but it’s even more so for a single parent who is already shouldering enormous responsibility.If you don’t have contraceptives on hand, don’t expect to have sex.If we find that, we certainly want one capable of filling that role for our kids, but we’re not out shopping for a step-parent where just anyone could fit the bill.So don’t bother trying to cozy up to our kids or push hard on forming a relationship with them.We’re looking for adults who are capable of supporting themselves and don’t expect someone else to do it for them.Hey, I don’t want to see my ex either, but when you’re a good parent, you actually try really hard to do what’s best for the kids.I’m not talking about some kind of sick quid pro quo situation. I once paid to a sitter to go out on a date that cost less than that for dinner.

If you wave a red flag in the air in front of us, we’re not going to excuse it as a little quirk.

We’re not going to let you near the kids unless we think this has a future, and it may take a while to get to that stage.

We’re looking for actual partners we can love and not just someone who meets some parenting checklist.

This means that when you send us your dick pic, we’re not going to rush out to see it in person. The single people I know aren’t out interviewing mommies or daddies.

It actually may get you sent directly to a block list because we want a quality partner and not someone firing off pictures of their equipment to total strangers. We’re looking for connection and a healthy relationship.

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