The dating system

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Virtually everyone in our culture knows that it stands for “Before Christ,” meaning before His birth or possibly His conception.

AD, however, has created some misunderstanding for modern English speakers because the initials there are for a Latin term, Anno Domini, translated as “In the Year of the Lord,” meaning since His birth (not “After Death” as a few have falsely supposed).

This means that every single user has the potential to generate profits from day one.

But there are a lot of obstacles that might keep someone from meeting the love of his or her life in today’s world. People of all ages, lifestyles and locations have been facing this problem for decades.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the most basic type of dating site –- one that works to bring two people together for a romantic relationship.

While this article applies to the majority of popular dating sites, the rules and practices of any given individual site may differ.

It uses Christ’s birth year as the zero point—all other years are based upon that one.

Unfortunately, it was difficult in the sixth century AD for the originator of that system, Dionysius Exiguus, to determine the exact year when Christ was born.

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