Tagalog bible ang dating biblia

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Sample lesson from Creation: reflection of God, Level B, ages 7-10.

Sunday School Lesson | Ages 7 - 10 Creation | The First Day - Level CComplete lesson with activity choices: living in the dark--group blindfold games, video and discussion on the bible, creation and a can of peaches, scripted story discussion, and an illustrated quotation card.

Activity | Ages up to 10 Correspondences of Light Illustrations of three stories in the Word that talk about light.

(Quotations are the King James translation.)Coloring Page | Ages 7 - 14 Creation Chain Make a paper chain with the names (or pictures) of the people in your family and other things that the Lord has made.

Activity | Ages over 15 The Creation Worship Talk | Ages 7 - 14 The Creation: A General View A New Church Bible story explanation for teaching Sunday school.

Includes lesson materials for Primary (3-8 years), Junior (9-11 years), Intermediate (12-14 years), Senior (15-17 years) and Adults.

Sample activity from Creation: reflection of God, Level C, ages 11-14.

We also need people who can provide help in researching information, preparing presentation materials, and general organizational help that can do from your home/office.

Year by year we distribute thousands of Scriptures to refugees coming into Austria - so many with a former Muslim Background turn to Christ and are baptized in Churches of all denominations.

Or make a paper chain that illustrates several things in creation that depend on one another.

Project | Ages 4 - 14 Creation Diorama A great family project to build and display in your home.

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