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“Part of the reason we’re getting the results that we do see is that we’re asking the question in a concrete kind of way.We’re not saying ‘Hey, have you been a victim of dating violence?Whether it comes from a boy or a girl, no one should have to experience it. “Still one in 20 youth that are dating experience violence,” she says.“The foundation of school safety rests in creating cultures and climates of safety, respect, and emotional support in schools.” (U. Secret Service, 2004; 2018) As part of the Safe Communities Safe Schools (SCSS) project, the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence offers school climate surveys, at a low cost, with options for students, staff, and parents.While this survey can be used as a stand-alone assessment, we recommend also assessing the school climate from the perspective of students and staff.A link to the survey can be emailed to parents or printed and sent home with students and should only take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

But she emphasizes that, as a society, it’s important not to discriminate when it comes to relationship violence.Another hidden reason that teenagers don’t tend to report partner violence is that they’ve never been properly taught to recognize it — especially if it’s coming from a girlfriend.“A possible reason it’s still considered socially acceptable for girls — when they get really angry or upset — to lash out physically in ways that we’ve worked really hard as a society to tell boys and young men that they’re not allowed to do so,” Saewyc notes.If the roles were reversed, it would be pretty obvious that the behavior constitutes relationship abuse.Study author and UBC’s School of Nursing director Elizabeth Saewyc, Ph. tells that the study results can tell us a lot about what society expects of teenage boys and how those expectations might hamper their ability to recognize a bad situation when they see it.The findings, however, are specific to Canadian youth, and so they may potentially highlight differences between nations.

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