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Past columns brought attention to white supremacy in the Harry Potter series, Cuba’s feminist future, and immigration reform protests in Texas.

Culture is where Bitch brands its cultural authority through essays about books, music, and screen; profiles of individuals and those who are creating and defining cultural moments; and interviews with those working in publishing, Hollywood, podcasting, and other areas who are helping us imagine new possibilities for representation and inclusion.

Heat, in all its forms and with all its implications, suffuses our public and private worlds, impacts our economies, motivates our decisions and our identities.

In media and pop culture, heat is changeable, constantly ranked currency: hot takes, hottest restaurants, hottest tech IPOs, hot Oscars races, and, of course, hottest bodies.

Heat has literal manifestations in temperature and weather; it has cultural cachet as trendy, profitable, and sexy; it has seemingly contradictory shorthand use in pointing to institutional and top-down control, outlaw rebellion, and religious doomsaying.

As an outlet for writing and art that’s invested in how language shapes meaning, understanding, and belief, we’re excited for our summer issue to explore all these things and more.

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