Stop dating a married man

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There is no secure future when you are dating a married man.

First of all, it is unlikely that he will leave a relationship in which he is comfortable in favor of a future in which child support and split assets loom.

One unattached person meets up with another unattached person and the two spend time together in an activity mutually agreed upon by both parties. You can’t “date” them because they aren’t unattached and free to enter a new relationship. He doesn’t have to be responsible for dealing with his own feelings in his marriage. What will you do when it’s not A married man unwilling to leave his wife while he’s “dating” you means it’s a hopeless situation. His obligations to his wife and family are always going to come first.

That doesn’t happen when you’re with a married man. You’ve chosen a man who’s proved he’s willing to lie and cheat to have what he wants. Even if you don’t want to get married again, date someone who’s actually available so you can make that decision for yourself.

A relationship with a married man is often based on lies -- not only the lies that the man tells his wife and family about his absences, but the untruths you tell yourself about the relationship.

Know that he is not your soulmate, as a soulmate wouldn't allow you to sit on the sidelines, Dr.

Either way, something happens and you move forward with your life. Maybe you convince him to leave his wife – or he convinces himself that the grass really is greener with you.

On holidays, you will be alone while he spends the day with his spouse. What happens next often depends on who had fun (or didn’t) on any previous dates.And if they don’t, you might want to really think about what kind of man he is.If he does, however, consider that he is not reliable marriage material, as he has already shown how seriously he takes his marriage vows.A life with this man means you will forever be looking over your shoulder for 'the other woman.' Remind yourself of this and it will be easier to discontinue the relationship.

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