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Buildings constructed during his tenure include Alumni Hall, a 540-man residence hall; a 0,000 addition to the University's science building; a new field house for TSU's athletic programs; a new dining hall; a new university center and several renovated buildings. Adams is a firm believer in the "University without Walls" concept. Kenworthv of the Department presented a most informative and entertaining exhibit in the library entitled "Ancient Man Through His Art " Later the exhibit was presented at various universities throughout Alabama At mid year Mr. Paskins retired after 16 years of continuous service to Troy State University His students will always remember him.

With this philosophy in mind, he first began to expand Troy State programs beyond the limits of the main campus. Wilkes, Chairman Classics Department The Classics Department stresses the importance of the greek and latin cultures in today's society-. George Vicker) s hroeck i History and Social Science Department H •■ - * *-w ^Jj/&* Dr. Two new history courses, Alabama in the Nation, and American Minorities, were added to the schedule on the main campus.

CLASSES PAGES 294-353 Life is a journey and not a destination — an eternal journey in which hereafter there will always be something to beckon us on. EDUCATORS MUTW Um *i \ ^ Troy State University Board Of Trustees BOARD MEMBERS President Ralph W. ( J HARTLEY of Tuscaloosa is also a University of Alabama graduate.

Crawley EDUCATORS PAGES 18-63 1975 PALLADIUM TABLE OF CONTENTS CAMPUS LIFE PAGES 64-109 IMPRESSIONS PAGES 4-17 ORGANIZATIONS PAGES 110-163 tffctitfl SPORTS PAGES 164-207 "*^..^ — PUBLICITY PAGES 354-384 BEAUTIES PAGES 208-223 ',.'■. With these building blocks as a strong foundation, we can use our ambitions to reach out for life. A Dallas County native, he is a former State Senator, has served as City Attorney in Huntsville and has held several key appointments in Madison County as well as at the State level.

The University's Montgomery branch was established on the Maxwell Air Force Base installation in the spring of 1965. Adams has led Troy State University to the position of being the state's only international university. Dean Aerospace Studies Department More commonly known on campus as Air Force ROTC, this department offers outstanding opportunities for young men and women who wish to serve their country as officers in the Air Force. Among the courses offered are the greek and latin element in English, civilizations of Greece and Rome, Classical Mythology, Classical Poetry, and Classical Drama. Robert Stampfli Chairman Law Enforcement Department The Law Enforcement Department otters courses in various aspects of haw Enforcement and Criminal Justice, and Psychology, Sociology, Business Administration and Counseling To prepare dedicated, well-educated men and women for the various fields of Law Enforcement, Criminal Just it e Administration and Corret tion is the goal of the department. Glynn Eiland Chairman English Department Taking as its mandate the fact that language is the cornerstone of all knowledge, the Department of English and Foreign Language maintains its strong tradition of high academic standards and quality instruction. Duane Tway, Chairman During the academic year of 1974-75 the Department of History and Social Science enrolled more students each quarter than in the previous year. Two new sociology courses were approved for the coming year, Minorities in the Social Structure, and Sociology of the Community Mrs Man Matin-.

Kelly is an attorney and a graduate of the University of Alabama, with a doctorate of jurisprudence from that university. Through the use of modern developmental processes in physical education, students are given a wide range of health and recreational fields. The department is headed by Chairman David Dye who received his Ph. The department is unique from many for it combines the educational courses offered with the opportunity to put the book learning to practical use in the Playmakers. Her positions held include Clinical Instructor at Mather School of Nursing, Southern Baptist Hospital, New Orleans, part-time staff nurse at the Student Infirmary of Florida State University, Instructor-Assistant Professor at the School of Nursing, Florida State University, and Director of Nursing at Sunland Hospital for the Retarded in Tallahassee. Mrs Tex Whaley joined the Troy State University faculty in 1950, serving through the spring quarter, 1975. A highly specialized program is provided for those who wish to obtain a major in Troy State's HPER Department. Miss Thomas has been active in a number of organizations, and is Advisor to the TSU Student Nurses Association at Troy State. Mary Dr Betrye J Pavlik Robinson Smith Mrs Delia Sulhns Mrs. She has more than 40 years classroom teaching experience ranging from rural schools to undergraduate and graduate instruction at the university level. Whaley sponsored the TSU chapter of the Association for Childhood Education. With peace, we find love, for love can only be acquired through true inner peace as well as trye world peace. JACK GILES of Huntsville is a graduate of the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama Law School. "Happiness is being content with your life and knowing that you have contributed to other's lives. With the knowledge we obtain, we can reach out for peace. LEROY BROWN has been state superintendent since 1971 ; prior to that he held other important jobs in the education field including serving as superintendent of Tuscumbia City Schools for four years, superintendent of the Anniston City Schools, Director of the University of Alabama Gadsden Center and six years as president of Jefferson State Junior College.

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