Simgirls dating simulator 5 0 dating websites do not work

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Vyberte si nějakou postavu a dejte jméno(name)testbug potom nakupte 20 náhrdelníků,5 medvídků a třeba 5 kytek a paj choďte za tou holkou Tomoko(ostatní nejdou,jedna jo,ale nemůžete k ní dom)a dávejte jí ty kytky,meďochy a náhrdelníky a něco si nechte na rande! a ona vam neco rekne a to si piste na papir a pak az vam rekne kdy ma cas tak kliknete na ty panacky co sou spolu a napiste ten den co vam rekla a pak se ji ptejte na vsechny otazky musite odpovedet spravne pak ji vyfotte a dejte pusu. Nezapomente si koupi medicinu,kafe,kapesniky a darky a pak vam to doufam pude! I remember spending my time on this game back in Middle School.

Fix myself up a container full of Cheese-Nips, hop on to the Dell Dimension 2100, click on the Internet Explorer icon, type in the address for Newgrounds since I never bookmark it out of fear of my parents finding out.

I was just doing a thing that the game taught me to do.

Which is go up to the girl everyday and build relationships that way..alone ask her out because I was way too chicken shit to do it.

I have spent so many hours on that game I am quiet embarrassed to admit that I never seen the end of the game.

But being such a fiend on this game I always check back to see any updates which I'll admit it was neat to see a game like that grow.

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