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Like the local news sources, the choice to highlight the disappearance of lesbian bars and clubs is a significant one since the closure of lesbian bars and clubs far outweighs other gay and queer-centric establishments. All this has led many to seek an explanation for lesbian bar death.

Just Google “What happened to the lesbian bar” and you’ll get a plethora of articles decrying, eulogizing and attempting to explain the vanishing of lady-centric nightlife. In 2015, the last remaining lesbian bar in San Francisco–the storied Lexington Club–closed and similarly, in 2013, West Hollywood’s The Palms left L. If you go by the armchair blogger analysis, it seems to be a complex combination of gentrification, the popularity of dating apps and the evolution of queer identities, which has left the lesbian bar as an anachronism in 2017.

And what remains of their legacy as it’s razed and replaced by chain shops, bank branches and drug stores? An exhibition of her expansive and extensive ongoing project started in 2015, Shockey, through photography, archival research and oral history, traces the locational lineage of lesbian bars throughout New York City.While its true is not the first time we are witnessing these nice boobies, we have noticed her dance shirtless provocatively a number of times, but yikes we have never eye candied her full frontal images like the ones leaked.Honestly, I have never had the pleasure of seeing her in a sexually suggestive situation like this.But, the loss of these bars, clubs and other nightlife spaces is also something to be grieved.As Heather Dockray writes in “New York’s Lesbian Bars Are Disappearing: Here’s Why Their Survival Matters” for , “Grief is commonly considered a negative emotion, but psychologists know the feeling is more nuanced.

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