Sexy chat template

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These mystery elements were seen by the rendering engine as “unknown elements,” so you were unable to change the way they looked or behaved.This includes not only our imagined elements, but also any elements that had yet to be defined at the time those browser versions were developed.

Now all you need is this: Simple, and to the point.

(Click the “Show all” option to see all browser versions.) The one exception is that some browsers don’t recognize the newer element.

However, for those browsers you can still use this element, as long as you add approraite styling (such as setting it to be a block element.) Looking at the rest of our starting template, we have the usual Since Java Script is, for all practical purposes, the only real scripting language used on the Web, and since all browsers will assume that you’re using Java Script even when you don’t explicitly declare that fact, the element at the bottom of our page to conform to best practices for embedding Java Script.

When HTML5 was introduced, it included a number of new elements, such as .

You might think this would be a major problem for older browser support for unrecognized elements, but you’d be wrong.

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