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Waiting for approved minutes Waiting for approved minutes Village of Riverwoods Board of Trustees Meeting November 6, 2018 APPROVED In Attendance: Kristine Ford Eric Goldstein Michael Haber Henry Hollander Rick Jamerson John Norris, Mayor Absent were; Cheryl Chamberlain Also Present: Bruce Dayno, Police Chief Daphne Paras, Village Clerk Bruce Huvard, Village Attorney Call to Order: PM Approval of Minutes Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the minutes from the October 16, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting. Treasurer’s Report Trustee Ford reported a large sum of money was moved from the checking account to the investment account. Huvard spoke with the consultant regarding wells on the Village property at Deerfield and Waukegan. Trustee Jamerson moved to approve the minutes from the October 16, 2018 Public Hearing. They are close to recommending a final version that will be sent to the Trustees for action.Services, include, but are not limited to: 24-hour preventative patrols (including bicycle patrols), emergency response, traffic and parking enforcement, criminal and juvenile investigations, illegal drug and alcohol enforcement, child safety seat installation, assistance to persons locked out of their houses or vehicles, crime prevention, and limited animal control assistance.A house watch program is in place for Residents leaving town who would like their homes checked.In some instances, a camera was located, but the owners were not home and the police had no contact information.

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The list will only be used for reference by investigators after the commission of a crime.Crime Prevention services include: The Department offers a Premise Alert Program (PAP) in support of individuals living with disabilities or special needs as well as police and emergency medical personnel responding to calls at a related address.Individuals with disabilities or special needs wishing to participate in the program may supply information to be kept in our computer aided dispatch (CAD) database free of charge. The Department is equipped with the latest technology, including Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) in every squad car, “enhanced 911”, and access to local, state, and national databases through in-car computers.Submitted information shall be securely maintained and restricted to inspection by the Chief of Police and certain Police Department employees specifically assigned responsibility for handling and processing surveillance camera enrollment in the course of official duties.Download Form Created October 31, 2001, the Riverwoods Police Department is a full service, twenty-four hour agency, comprised of 8 full time sworn officers, 9 part time sworn officers, and 3 part time records administrators.

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