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When indicated, counselors will provide family therapy. In the program, clients participate in nutritional counseling, exercise programs, and yoga.

Families are strongly encouraged to participate in Family Group once a week, and family therapy is available when appropriate. Treatment also focuses heavily on mindfulness and meditation, as well as aromatherapy.

As such, treatment for addiction should be equal as varied.

We believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to addiction treatment.

ABOUT ALPINE SPRINGS REHABILITATION & RECOVERY Based in Linesville, Penn., Alpine Springs provides inpatient treatment to adults struggling with substance use disorder. STAFF CREDENTIALS According to its website, Alpine Springs is staffed 24 hours a day by recovery specialists and nurses.

The facility also offers medical detox, which is available in only 9.2 percent of non-hospital treatment facilities in Pennsylvania. ACCOMMODATIONS & AMENITIES The program runs out of a historic building within proximity to a local reservoir and lake (and only about 30 minutes away from Lake Erie).

They boast individualized, holistic treatment but the people delivering the services are under-education and they push their own values onto their clients; vindictive management.

The business is going under, which is evident in the over-processed diet they offer their clients, the lack of cleaning services, and their staff turn-over.

By using multiple treatment modalities, each person seeking treatment at our agency will receive a focused treatment plan that takes into account where they are at on a cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and spiritual level.They have a way of introducing recovery in a light yet serious manner.Alpine springs has shown we ways to integrate back into everyday living by way of daily routine, goal setting, sober fun activities to participate in while down time is available, and many more constructive things to use in my future in recovery.At Alpine Springs Rehabilitation and Recovery, we believe that addiction is a pervasive and indiscriminate problem.It adheres to no boundaries and affects those of any age, race, nationality, religion, and socioeconomic status.

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