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When we have confidence in who we are, we rescue ourselves and drop the need to be saved.

Self-confidence is love in action and it takes on a life of its own when we embrace it.

Having the wherewithal to harness our own inner resourcefulness is a large aspect of self-confidence because it’s what informs our response to life as it happens.

It reassures us that we’re safe, resilient and ready for the world.

I noticed her unmistakable, copper curls bobbing near the front of the stage and I got her attention. I noticed men noticing Liz as we talked, and being caught in her current felt like a complete 180° from where she’d been just months before.

She was dancing (from the inside out) and she waved me over. It wasn’t that she’d become a different person since I last saw her or that she was attempting to impress the crowd.

Catastrophe, surprise, drama, the weather and other people’s agendas can influence the paths we ultimately take.What I could gather from our conversation in the noisy club was that Liz had been in survival mode since the divorce and had begun to make a point of letting go of any reluctance to forge a new life on her own. She said she found the concert listing online and made the last-minute decision to check it out on her own.Unlike the Liz of the past, who wouldn’t think of leaving home without plans and a small group of friends in tow, she wasn’t overly made up yet she was electric in her jeans and faded T-shirt.I missed seeing my friend and wanted more time with her, but I knew I was lucky to see her at all back then.In the aftermath of a nasty divorce, she tightened her circle of friends and all but shut down her social calendar.

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