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Now the two of them work together on the Second Life wedding business, offering "different wedding packages affordable for all residents." As for a real wedding, that is planned for next summer.i Read more about this couple in the Second Life wedding business Meanwhile, married Second Life couple Allam and Barbary plan to spend New Year's together in real life, only the second time they will have met.As long as people don't get hurt it's a great thing." i See pictures from their lavish virtual wedding On i Laura Bungarz of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, told the story of how she met her husband Matt on Second Life. "It was then I knew that we were meant to be together." i A spontaneous Second Life wedding In her i Report, Bungarz says Second Life relationships move "considerably quicker" than those in real life, and her case was no exception.They married on Second Life in May, but took things slower in the real world, marrying in June of 2008 "in a much smaller ceremony." When Bungarz sent her i Report in November, she and her husband hoped to be living together in Winnipeg.Even though Halfpint is a wedding planner, Beresford did all the planning for their Second Life wedding in November.Their wedding theme was a "royal wedding" with a "coronation of king and queen." By this time, they were engaged in real life.It even included a fashion show and panel discussion of "wedding do's and don't's." i Check out a Second Life bridal expo Avatars Seasoned Red Halfpint of Tennessee and Darrius Beresford of North Carolina married in Second Life and help other residents with their weddings.

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Second Life residents Captive007 Latte and Roach Benelli married in a lavish wedding in August.

So I mentioned last time that I had a challenge in creating a crowded movie theater. I have no idea if or when I will finish this sequel, but I am having a lot of fun giving myself challenges and meeting them.

It is like a really different video game, with daily new mission and quests to get around.

In the real world, both live in England -- Allam in London and Barbary five hours away in Cornwall.

Just recently, the two finally met in person and hit it off.

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