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online estate agent, I eagerly listed a vacant rental property on their website.Tepilo is the platform created by the wonderful Sarah Beeny, so naturally it’s been heavily promoted with her mug all over the branding.I’ll be sticking to websites that can get my property across platforms like Rightmove & Zoopla, like Open Rent. I’d just like to clarify, just because Tortilla didn’t work for me, it’s not to say it won’t work for anyone else. Update: Tepilo’s website seems to have gone through major renovation since I wrote this review, and it definitely appears to be more functional.However, I still won’t be using their service again, because it doesn’t appear like their service has improved with the redesign – they’ve managed to rack-up quite an impressive collection of horrendous ratings and feedback on Trust Pilot. The so called 'Tepilo Team' as well as the Google photographers are as incompetent as each other.I’m probably doing them a favour by keeping the campaign alive because I’m effectively inflating their stock. I listed the same property on Gumtree, and received several solid enquiries pretty sharpish and hundreds of page views.The property I marketed is located in a popular part of town in a popular part of Essex, so I was expecting at least one enquiry (to say the very least). Unlike Gumtree, Tepilo doesn’t display how many people viewed each advert – it’s a shame they don’t show that data because I’d be interested to see if anyone actually looked at my advert.In my opinion, the name Tepilo is their Achilles heal.

I've been in the game for over a decade, but it feels like a century. I think your blogs are very insightful and I can't help popping on every day to read some more potentially offensive/smutty/crude articles! I am curious though to find out if you were in the property industry before becoming a full time landlord. I'm not really involved in it now, I just write about my landlord experiences, nothing much else! The trouble with Sarah Beeney is that she is trying too many things and not really perfecting her online sites. I am trying to select one at the moment on the basis that they are much cheaper than traditional high st agents....are they effective? (I am in Yorkshire and most don't seem to have much property on up here)Hi KJM, I used Tepilo for letting services- not for sales.

We can only assume we would have had more success with a regular estate agent. Agents have said should of sold within 6-8 weeks no problem. Poor and false advertising not like traditonal agents at all. No reply from the company been waiting 4 weeks for a reply.

Tepilo's fees may have only been £700 (I produced the plans and took my own photos) but frankly it was money wasted. 7 weeks in I pulled the plug on their service and issued a formal complaint. My wife contacted them to advise of the viewer's complaint regarding Tepilo's registration process.

Disclaimer: I'm just a simple landlord blogger; I'm not qualified to give legal or financial advice. I listed a flat for sale in 2010, and had no response until the 'Tepilo Team' (who are rubbish at 'IT') sent me an email TODAY for a viewing, for Mrs so and so. What is the point of leaving a contact number on there if it isn't used? I also listed a house in Surrey at around the same time 2010, complete with lots of really good photos which they(Tepilo)are displaying chopped in half, alongside a dreadful Google street view of all of the vans in the area parked there for the day. If they are IT and Sat' Nav' experts, I am an engineer for the next space ship to planet Keppler B2 (600 light years away).

Any information I share is my opinion based on my personal experiences as an active landlord, and should never be contrued as legal or professional advice. I only do it part time, I still hold down a full-time job. If I were interested in a property, I would just call the seller ASAP. It looks like a London sink estate, and it isn't even my road! Have you noticed that you cannot contact anyone on Tortilla? )is long enough for a site like that one to have caught on. Run properly there should be thousands of UK properties listed by now.

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