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He attended Glenbrook South High School, during which time he was involved in drama and theater classes, as well as being the lead singer of a high school band called "Love Plumber".He attended the Juilliard School for a time before moving to Los Angeles. Witwer's first on-screen credit was that of a Chicago Bulls commercial.

In 2013, he attended for the first time the annual event, Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida for a three-day weekend and fans praised him for his roles in The Force Unleashed games and on The Clone Wars.Honestly, all I want is for the Discovery team to keep giving work to Kenneth Mitchell.He's brilliant and really lights up the screen...In 2018, Witwer reprised his portrayal as Darth Maul and performed the voice acting role for the character in Solo: A Star Wars Story.This marks the sixth vehicle for which Witwer voices Darth Maul, and the first live-action performance.

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