Ryan gosling rachel mcadams dating 2016

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Canadian actress, Rachel Mc Adams is best known for her portrayal as Christine Palmer in the 2016 blockbuster hit, Doctor Strange.She received huge accolades after playing in the films like Mean Girls and The Notebook.She has also participated in the Crimestoppers program at the time.She worked at Mc Donald's for three years during the summer holidays.She was active in sports and has played volleyball, badminton, and soccer.

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Now even though they both moved on to be really happy with other people, back in 2005, they were the only celeb couple that mattered.

She graduated from the University in 2001, with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The movie was a big hit and made a good collection at the box office.

She worked with the Toronto-based Necessary Angel Theater Company at the time. She received two Gemini Award nominations for her work and won one of them.

She participated in Original Kids Theater Company, London productions at the age of twelve.

Mc Adams showed active involvement in school stage productions.

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