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To differentiate both the earlier X and V you should check for ENGLAND or MADE IN ENGLAND, the later piece will have MADE IN ENGLAND.All Royal Crown Derby marks can be attributed to one of the three Derby factories.The trademark has been used with little variations ever since the founding and every single piece of porcelain produced by Royal Copenhagen has been stamped with the three waves.The trademark with the three waves has had changes through the years.Any Derby piece by the above artists would be of great interest to serious Derby collectors. try to focus your efforts on a particular factory, style or artist.Accumulating a good quality collection from one period or by one artist will help you become an expert in your chosen field.

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Derby porcelain also included a date cypher with most base marks produced at the Osmaston Road factory.No mechanical processes were used and no two pieces produced were exactly the same.Among the items preserved was the original potters wheel used by the Duesburys.The three waves are still part of the design just not shown on the picture for this purpose. Through the years the clay have been modified by using various materials, ingredients and developments in production technique.These various productions techniques were used to make items with very different abilities, expressions and details.

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