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Agmt M/70 SAPMV12A Messages: Create Cond Tab.: Entry Sh M/71 SAPMV12A Messages: Change Cond Tab.: Entry Sh M/72 SAPMV12A Messages: Disp. M_LA SAPMV14A Purchasing: Condition List M_LB SAPMV14A Change Condition List M_LC SAPMV14A Display Condition List M_LD SAPMV14A Execute Condition List MAL1 SAPMMG01 Create material via ALE MAL2 SAPMMG01 Change material via ALE MAP1 SAPMF02K Create contact person MAP2 SAPMF02K Change contact person MAP3 SAPMF02K Display contact person MASS SAPMMSDL Mass Change MASSD MASSD_DIALOG Mass Maintenance MBBM RM07MMBL Batch Input: Post Material Document MBBR RM07RRES Batch Input: Create Reservation MBBS RM07MBWS Display valuated special stock MBC1 SAPMV13H Create MM Batch Search Strategy MBC2 SAPMV13H Change MM Batch Determ.

MBST SAPMM07M Cancel Material Document MBSU SAPMM07M Place in Mat. Scr MBVR RM07RVER Management Program: Reservations MBWO RM07MWOFF test MBW1 SAPMMBW1 Special stocks via WWW MBXA SAPLMBXA Printout of XAB Documents MB0A SAPMM07M Post Goods Receipt for PO MB00 MENUMB00 Inventory Management MB01 SAPMM07M Post Goods Receipt for PO MB02 SAPMM07M Change Material Document MB03 SAPMM07M Display Material Document MB04 SAPMM07M Subsequ. List MB52 RM07MLBS List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand MB53 RM07MWRKK Display Plant Stock Availability MB54 RM07MKBS Consignment Stocks MB55 RM07MMST Display Quantity String MB56 RVBBWULS Analyze batch where-used list MB57 RM07MCHW Compile Batch Where-Used List MB58 RM07MKON Consgmt and Ret.

See Configure Customised Material Master paragraph Requirements.

Create new sub-screen or add new fields to screen SAPLYMM1 9001. Change flow logic to add fields to field: statement and to add any validation required. If this is the first time additional data has been added to material master it will be necessary to create a new function group and associated programs.

Sometimes you are looking for transactions "around your currently known transactions".

Here you have the (nearly) complete list of the SAP transactions (about 16000 ) sorted by transaction code.

rmdating sap-8

rmdating sap-34

rmdating sap-71

Run program YMM1001A to read file output in 2 and create file for input to Sap standard material update program (RMDATIND).The user starting the data transfer must have all the authorizations necessary to maintain material master data.These authorizations are checked when the data is imported. MC/B SAPMMCY1 Schedule jobs: Exceptions INVCO MC/E SAPMMCY1 Create Exception: EWS/PURCHIS MC/F SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/PURCHIS MC/G SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/PURCHIS MC/H SAPMMCY1 Create groups exception: PURCHIS MC/I SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: PURCHIS MC/J SAPMMCY1 Display exception: PURCHIS MC/K SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: PURCHIS MC/L SAPMMCY1 Change jobs exceptions: PURCHIS MC/M SAPMMCY1 Display jobs exceptions: PURCHIS MC/N SAPMMCY1 Schedule jobs exceptions: PURCHIS MC/Q SAPMMCY1 Create exception: EWS/SIS MC/R SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/SIS MC/S SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/SIS MC/T SAPMMCY1 Create groups exception: SIS MC/U SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: SIS MC/V SAPMMCY1 Display exception: SIS MC/W SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: SIS MC/X SAPMMCY1 Change Jobs: Exceptions SIS MC/Y SAPMMCY1 Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS MC/Z SAPMMCY1 Schedule Jobs: Exceptions SIS MC/1 SAPMMCY1 Create Exception: EWS/INVCO MC/2 SAPMMCY1 Maintain exception: EWS/INVCO MC/3 SAPMMCY1 Display exception: EWS/INVCO MC/4 SAPMMCY1 Create groups exception: INVCO MC/5 SAPMMCY1 Change groups exception: INVCO MC/6 SAPMMCY1 Display exception: INVCO MC/7 SAPMMCY1 Create job for exception: INVCO MC/8 SAPMMCY1 Change jobs exceptions: INVCO MC/9 SAPMMCY1 Display jobs exceptions: INVCO MC? Selection MC RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Purch Val Selection MC RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Del Relblty Selectio MC RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Qty Relblty Selectio MC-A RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office Returns; Selectio MC-E RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office - Sales Selection MC-I RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Sele MC-M RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Returns; Selection MC-Q RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Sales; Selection MC-U RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Credit Memos; Selec MC-0 RMCV0400 SIS: Shipping Point Returns; Selec.

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