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I love it when a truly submissive guy comes along too.

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And I'd say 95% of those could either be answered by reading my profile, or do not require an answer. I hope my impeccably good Feedback really speaks for itself and shows that you really do get what you pay for! None of my regular Clients/Friends have had an issue with this, but don't forget - I do still have a Reduced Private Special Offer, if you wish to use it! So my rate will remain the same for a little while at least! There won't be any sound on it (Come and see me on cam for that).. Friday brought lots of snowy fun, and a good few hours of chilly walks in Richmond Park with some good friends of mine.

I'm still feeling rather smug and self-congratulatory having achieved 1000 Feedback on this site. I see some clients here who cum in under that time.. If you're unsure, or your request is for something obscure then of course ask away.''When are you next on Cam? My online times are always plainly listed on my profile, but if for whatever reason I'm not on, I may not have access to my inbox, so your best bet for an immediate Personal response is to use the SMS system to send me a text and ask... I hope I don't come across as toooo moany and grumpy, because that I am not! The majority of whom return to see me time and time again.. But I will be taking a few *mini-breaks* over the summer, to recharge my batteries, slip off the stockings and sit back with a Cocktail (or four...). Apart from wishing you all a good start to your week, and sharing my snowy tales with you all!

That means I've made AT LEAST 1000 of you Orgasm, Cum, Shoot your Load, and Explode .. Did you know, you can only leave feedback after a four-minute session? But I take a great deal of enjoyment from this, because what bigger compliment could a female have than to be so alluringly-cum-inducing?! I have had this question via email and on Cam lots recently so I thought I better explain the introduction of an email auto-response. But I added auto-responses as a way to immediately reply to simple often-asked questions. I'll be away for the later part of this week and may extend my trip to the Weekend also. So as per my photo - I have been out enjoying myself in the Snowy scenes of Richmond last week and some of this weekend!

I am always asked over the phone or or cam when i will next update my movies and private gallery and the answer is now!

I am also working on some written erotica pieces which i hope to have up by the end of January. - THANKYOU to the sweet, kind, sexy guys who made my Birthday last month one i will certainly remember.

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