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He is secretly in love with Natsuki, but unsure if the feeling is mutual.His main songs are "Kokuhaku Yokō Renshū ~Another Story~"The president of the Art Club.Therefore, you don’t have to activate all of them to the same computer: you can activate each of them (or any combination of them) to different computers. If you want more plugins, you can start a new Flex plan, in place of or in addition to your first Flex plan (see above).Please note, however, that if you cancel one Flex plan and start a new one, your time in the first plan will not count toward completion of the 24-month rent-to-own period.You may quit one Flex plan and start another (for example, move from Flex to Flex Pro) mid-way through the initial 24-month rent-to-own period, but the months you paid will not be credited towards the new plan. To be eligible for ownership, you need to stay in the plan 24 months without interruption.If you cancel your plan and you later wish to resume, you will need to start a new Flex plan (even if you pick the exact same plugins again), and the 24-month period toward ownership will start anew.World's best 100% FREE Asian online dating site in Alsace!Meet cute Asian singles in Alsace with our FREE Asian dating service.

Once you install and activate your plugin licenses, they remain activated as long as you continue your monthly Flex payments: there is no need to re-install them every month.

An updated license will be made available to you on the renewal date, and we will send you a notification email.

The updated license will be activated automatically on your computer if it is connected to the internet (or on your USB flash drive if it is connected to your online computer).

Only once the 24-month rent-to-own period ends and you fully own the plugins.

At that stage you will be able to transfer ownership, subject to Waves’ usual transfer of ownership policy.

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