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There's a very familiar sight as a straight woman on dating apps in 2018: mirror selfies of well-oiled, buff, stereotypically hot men sucking in their bellies to reveal a set of perfectly sculpted abs.But new findings suggest they needn't bother – looking "average" could serve up better results in their online quest for love.

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The scores are not available to the public, but Tinder recently granted me access to my own—and I’ve regretted learning it ever since."They might think 'I am not that good looking, and if I take someone who is much better than me, I might have issues, I might be a bit worried about the faithfulness of my partner'."Another of the study's standout findings was also pretty dispiriting, given the rise of dating apps like Bumble (and now Tinder) which let only women initiate the conversation.Traditional gender roles and expectations still dominate modern dating, with men still 30% more likely than women to make the first move – a figure that has Cheeringly though, single straight people seem to have become "more tolerant" and progressive over time.It’s not uncommon for technology companies to give its users ratings these days, and for good reason.In the gig economy, both customers and service providers now score each other with review systems that help platforms like Airbnb, Task Rabbit, and Lyft weed out bad actors.

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