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Like I said, girls are browsing hundreds of profiles. That means you can't say something every other guy in the world has already said.So when you write something, ask yourself, "Has she probably heard this line or a similar one before? If you're not sure what's too unoriginal, browse profiles for about 40 guys, and you'll start to see the same thing get written ooooover and oooover again.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

Say for example you want to describe yourself as "mirthful and blustery." One time, I actually read a girl's profile in which she wrote, "I'm really good at getting out of awkward conversations by saying things like ' OH GOD. It SHOWED she's "mirthful and blustery," it SHOWED she's funny, and it SHOWED she can't stand boring conversation--all in one relatively short sentence without describing herself.

She didn't say, "I'm mirthful, blustery, funny, and I hate boring conversations." She proved those things. Tell a story about when you were mirthful and blustery. Don't write a resume about yourself, paint a picture of yourself.

Chuck Palahniuk has a good essay on how to write with engrossing detail.

Then avoid them.6) Demonstrate that you're decisive, purposeful, and have passion in life.

Aside from humor, these are the hot-button qualities girls find attractive in guys.

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