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Empid, Emp Name, Categoryid (Table1) and a dropdown from another table whose column names are Machineid and Category Name(Table2) Now I bind the dropdown with the second table column Category Name and using that selected value I want to show only its machineid in my grid which has table 1 columns.....

The following example demonstrates how to use the Grid View Edit Event Args object passed to the event-handling method to cancel the editing operation if the user attempts to edit a row that contains an author with the last name White.

property set to "Edit") is clicked, but before the Grid View control enters edit mode.

While selecting the those value I want to get the Categoryid in my table1. My doubt should I use join query here to join two tables ??? Is that possible to select multiple values in dropdownlist and show their is like 1,2,3 horizontaly 3. Open(); Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command("Update Telerik3 set name='" txtname.

While doing edit function, I want that particular column as dropdown with multiselect and not as textbox.1.

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