Polish dating wroclaw

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The university city of Wrocław is the capital of Lower Silesia and often ranks among the most liveable places in Europe.Wrocław ‘s past is unbelievably complex, and over the last 1,000 years it has come under the control of eight different kingdoms and empires.Under the Habsburg Monarchy in the Early Modern Age Wrocław gained much of its Baroque architecture and cultural institutions like a university that has produced nine Nobel prize winners.You might also hear Wrocław described as “Poland’s Venice”, as the Oder River breaks off into separate arms, crossed by more than 100 bridges.The main building of the city’s reputable university doubles as a museum.This institution, taking over from a Jesuit college, was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold in 1702.

When Ostrów Tumski was first developed in the 10th century the river created a natural defence, and the first brick buildings arrived in the middle of the 12th century.

Elsewhere in the exhibition rooms you can dip into the story of the university where Alois Alzheimer taught, and which has produced nine noble prize winners.

Frederick the Great chose this Baroque palace as his residence after Prussia took over Silesia in the 1740s.

Its patriotic subject matter in the days of the Soviet Union meant it didn’t see the light of day until 1985.

Since then the Racławice Panorama has been presented at a rotunda in Wrocław, depicting a battle that is engrained in the Polish national memory.

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