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However, if your potential suitors have previously checked-in on Facebook to the same places as you, that will appear on their profiles.

With Huggle, there’s just as much focus on finding friends as dates, but whether anyone actually uses it for friendship, we’re not sure.

The movements are definitively identified as Eterna by their keyless work, but their top plates are different from those shown in Jobin.

The really definitive "fingerprint" of a movement is the keyless work, which is why materials parts suppliers such as Bestfit and Schwartchild often show only the components of the keyless work in their movement identifications.

Some manufacturers produced many different movements with the same basic layout and identical train and keyless work components, but with different patterns of cocks and bridges.

Fabrique Horlogerie Fontainemelon (FHF) was a large manufacturer of Swiss ébauches who did this a lot.

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Press the case back gently with both thumbs into place.

Note that the setting lever screw is an exception to the rule about screw placement, it can be in different places in stem set and pin set varieties of the same movement, or absent altogether if the keyless work is negative set.

The shape of the cocks and bridges is more of an aesthetic consideration; so long as all the pivot holes and screw holes are in the same places, then bridges of very different shapes can be freely interchanged.

However, to see the keyless work requires the dial to be removed, which may not be possible, and many older movements are not documented in these references.

The pictures on this page can help to identify movements without seeing the keyless work, but be careful to make sure that all the features, the shapes of the plates and bridges, the placement of the screws and pivots, are exactly the same; similar is not close enough!

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