Phone etiquette for dating

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Having your cell phone out during a date basically signals that the conversation you’re having with your partner isn’t important enough for your full concentration.

Even though it may seem easier to have important conversations through a text message, you shouldn’t use that screen as a shield.

While this technology can help us stay connected more than ever, it can also hurt our relationships if we spend too much time looking at a screen instead of our partner.

To keep your relationships going strong, keep these cell phone etiquette tips in mind when you’re conversing with your partner.

Of course, cell phones aren’t something that will completely ruin every relationship. You can use your cell phone to be alluring while you’re away from your partner.

Send him an exciting text or leave her a romantic voicemail.

We know you do it; we have all done it at some point in time - have full blown conversations via text message.

But if you've got to run to a meeting or are otherwise preoccupied, have the common decency to at least mention that you may not be able to respond right away because of an appointment or bad reception even. Text messaging should never replace real conversations. Depending on the context, writing in all caps can be misconstrued as angry yelling or eager excitement. Avoid ending every text message with a smiley face.

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