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As you can see, a familiar Certificate Management snap-in opens, from which you can export any of the certificates you have got.

In my case, there have been 358 items in the list of certificates.

My end user devices are behind a firewall that disallows HTTP but they can get to any HTTPS.

THREE things: FIRST, on my Win 10 Pro 64-bit machine (version 1803), the ONLY file I have is Connected Devices Platform in C:\Users\[My Name]\App Data\Local\Connected Devices Platform ►Is that correct?

When I launch Peerguardian 2 (last release), I have the following error : "Peer Guardian is unable to load the packet filtering driver.

This could happen if Peer Guardian crashed and didn't have a chance to unload the driver, or if the file can't be found.

CDS Error: Current user does not have permission to change the status for the given Transaction ID When updating, an error message is displayed stating the following, How can I resolve this issue? Please contact Netformx Technical Supportfor further assistance.There is another way to get the list of root certificates from Microsoft website. Using any archiver (or even Windows Explorer) unpack The file is a container with a list of trusted certificates in Certificate Trust List format.You can install this file in the system using the context menu of the STL file (Install CTL). Specify the path to your STL file with certificates.To do it, download ( unpack it and add to the Untrusted Certificates section using this command: If you have the task of regularly updating root certificates in an Internet-isolated Active Directory domain, there is a slightly more complicated scheme for updating local certificate stores on domain joined computers using Group Policies.You can configure root certificate updates on a user computers in the isolated Windows networks in several ways.

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