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It is quite a different picture from September 2016 when the Thai Appeals Court upheld the UK man’s 50 year sentence.At that time, his father, 56 year Russell Whitmore expressed his frustration at the fate of his son.The father broke into tears when his son was lead away again back to prison that day.‘I was hoping for a much shorter sentence and I’m totally devastated,’ he said.He expressed his frustration with the support from the UK Embassy at the time and lashed out at the conditions that his son was being held in at Klong Prem.

There is some debate on whether it will be 10 or up to 20 years.Lance is lucky that he is not being held at which is reputed to be Thailand harshest jail.However, prison time in Thailand, at any institution, is not easy particularly for foreigners and especially, according to reports, in recent years with severe overcrowding and the consequent need for tighter prison discipline.The family of Lance Whitmore are hoping that the young man will soon be transferred to the United Kingdom under the International Prisoner Transfer program enacted in 1984 by Thai authorities.It is understood that in January he gave his permission to the agreement and is now awaiting on a decision from authorities in the UK and in Thailand.

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