Outlook calendar not updating icloud

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Problem: Synching a shared calendar did not work from my Mac to i Phone (using i Cloud), but worked from i Phone to Mac.What I did: In the Calendars App on the Mac I exported the calendar - to have it as a backup.I've had this problem ever since I got ICloud, months ago.I finally decided to sit at my computer all day until I figured it out and I finally found the answer!If you are the sharee (but not the sharer) of the broken calendar it is possible that you will see all of the appointments in Outlook (but not in i OS).In this case, it might be possible to change the calendar view in Outlook to a list view and drag-and-drop the appointments from the broken calendar to the new, working shared calendar.◦Document Related Add-ins Lists template files that are referenced by currently open documents.◦Disabled Application Add-ins Lists add-ins that were automatically disabled because they are causing Office programs to crash. You should now see it moved from "Disabled" to "Inactive". It will take a few minutes to sync once you restart and open Outlook.

This is very time consuming if you have many appointments.

If the check box for a COM add-in is cleared, the add-in is inactive.

To learn how to open the COM Add-in dialog box, see the section called Turn off or manage the installed add-ins.

Test some other appointments in the shared calendar to confirm that the entire calendar is affected.

Another symptom of a broken shared calendar is that it causes Outlook Sync (installed by i Cloud Control Panel on Windows) to hang (i.e. The only solution that seems to work in this situation is to create an entirely new shared calendar.

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