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KG, D-10785 Berlin All rights reserved, including those of translation into foreign languages. Earlier materials are represented by the data from Schieffner (1859, 1871a, 1871b) from the second half of the 19th centuiy, and by what I refer to as Old Yukaghir, i.e.

ISBN-13: 978-3-11-018689-5 ISBN-10: 3-11-018689-6 ISSN: 0179-8251 © Copyright 2006 by Walter de Gruyter G m b H & Co. My intention was to cover these sources as fully as possible, but I have omitted many expressions whose status seems to be in between lexicalized compounds and free collocations, as well as some predictable derivational forms.

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In addition to several relatively small glossaries (Veenker 1989; Endo 1997, 2001; Nyikolajeva 2000; Nikolaeva and Šalugin 2003; Maslova 2001, 2003), two major dictionaries have been published so far: Angere (1957) and Kurilov (2001). Translations and grammatical comments for such forms are not provided.

The former is based on Jochelson (1900) and mostly presents the data from Kolyma Yukaghir as spoken at the end of the 19th century. Hyphenation, spacing and capitalization that occurs in the sources is not preserved.

Most importantly, each of these sources only describes one Yukaghir idiom. By verbal compounds I mean lexicalized expressions which normally include a verb and a noun in a possessive, case or postpositional form.

In contrast, this dictionary presents the different varieties of Yukaghir in comparative format. Proclitics are also separated with a hyphen, while suffixes are not. If a compound is attested in more than one source, it is cited as a group of words in the entry that corresponds to its first component. Note that in most nominal compounds the first component stands in the Genitive in -rt/-d, which does not belong to the stem.

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Although traditionally they have been termed dialects, some scholars prefer to view them as separate languages and speak about "a Yukaghir language family" rather than "the Yukaghir language" (Kurilov 2001; Maslova 2003). For example, KJ 'strange, odd' is represented by the participle pailiče, where -če is a participial affix.stands behind the content on our site and we value QUALITY over quantity. Come for the free porn but stay for the complete experience! We've improved our porn experience with tons of new features that are light years ahead of the competition. TvíSSiäity GÍ i Owćt LíQfüftea viii Preface Second, and most importantly, the dictionary provides a reconstruction of Proto-Yukaghir, which has not previously been attempted (but see Nikolaeva 1988). This compound is not given, but TD -morxile is cited together with the independently existing T morqile and is preceded by a hyphen.Proto-Yukaghir is understood as the common ancestor of all known Yukaghir varieties. Where the translations provided in the sources were in a language other than English, I have given English equivalents.

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