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At the other end of the spectrum is straightforward, and reliable, rack of lamb.

Meals all begin with an assortment of cold and room-temperature appetizers brought to the table with good bread (Mr. On a given day the offerings might be asparagus gratin, roast beet salad, a mixed green salad with a strong, mustardy vinaigrette, a slice of vegetable or lobster tart, and sausage or pate, perhaps with warm potato salad. Soup, usually pureed, follows: black bean, carrot, potato-leek, or, at a recent visit, fennel-apple.

Steve's Centerbrook Cafe Twenty years ago Steve Wilkinson opened Fine Bouche in Centerbrook, a tiny town just north of the shoreline, between Old Saybrook and Chester. Wilkinson has a fine understanding of classic French cuisine, wines and service, and for many years Fine Bouche was a gem, beloved all over Connecticut.

Times changed, however, and in 1994 Fine Bouche became Steve's Cafe, a less formal, less expensive restaurant. Wilkinson's ownership and his fine judgment in combining flavors, as well as his uncanny ability to put together a wine list including spectacular bargains.

Decor tends to be relaxed, understated and not especially impressive. Just be thankful that the days of the stuffy country inn are past, and that there is finally a choice of simple places to have a good meal, all within a short drive of any spot along the shore.

Le Petit Cafe This is the closest thing to a Lyonnaise bistro in Connecticut.

For main courses, in addition to the salmon and rack of lamb the restaurant might have a seared and searing steak au poivre with good French fries; pasta, perhaps with capers and roast garlic; boneless chicken stuffed with mushrooms; duck breast with port sauce; or quenelles of trout.

Desserts are good, especially the flan, wafer-thin apple tart, variously flavored creme brulee (recently scented with lotus root, which I thought successful), and super-rich bread pudding.

Where there was once demi-glace there is now sweet chili sauce (served with a duck and shiitake spring roll) or a balsamic reduction (served with pan-seared duck breast).

It was an absolute delight to create this Strawberry Shortcake “Mousse” Cups with Mc Cormick.

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It seems too easy, too simple in its ingredients to be anything that would “wow” you. The only problem I have with this recipe is that it only makes four. Now, because I NEVER seem to be able to remember to take my cream cheese out of the refrigerator so that it can properly warm to room temperature, here are a couple tips that I have used to “cheat”!

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