Nervex lug dating

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Even a casual Raleigh collector will understand that these particular A**** serials do not accurately represent these frames.A general rule of thumb with Carlton serials - if you so happen to get an A**** serial - is to determine the year of the frame by components and color.One of their bikes most noteworthy features were their paint jobsbeautiful white box-lining on every frame tube, even the skinniest seat stays (hand drawn, using a tiny roller), a technique that has now virtually disappearedas well as beautiful lug lining.This particularly lovely specimen is for medium to tall ridersthe seat tube measures 23.25 inches (59 cm) center-to-center, and top tube 57 (22.5 cm).I will be happy to install a different type that may suit you better, so I can keep this one; Very cool and rare Bluemels shorty aluminum front fender, which used to be common on classic British racing bikes.It admittedly doesnt do much to keep the rider drythat was never its intent.With the 38-tooth small ring and 28-tooth large cog in the back, you can climb a wall, and the NR derailleur handles the combo silently and smoothly; Brooks Professional leather saddle, brown, with the large copper rivets and great age patina.

See why Vintage Bike Quarterly calls the elusive and rare 49D a long-gone classic, combining almost unlimited chainring choices [most modern TA rings will still fit these cranks], a narrow profile, and impressive quality.The original set yielded to the systemwide decal change in 1973.Though the International may be best known for its searing metallic copper or more subdued champagne hue, the International was available in a number of different color schemes; the complete list is below: During its production run, the International was produced with at least two variants of Vagner fork crown.In short, the serial will tell you absolutely nothing.The International wore two different decal systems over its run.

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