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Sea Nanners: Hey guys, I realise we're a little tense and some words have been thrown around and everybody is a little on edge, but rest assured I'm innocent and I will not harm you. See this is where I wish I could see your facecam that eventually goes up afterwards, 'cos you're probably making some stupid face., and nearly everything in between.

He was formerly a member of the group of Machinima directors and commentators known as 'The Creatures' along with others such as Kootra, Uber Haxor Nova and Sly Fox Hound, to name but a few.These stories are also told in many of his other videos, such as his Hidden series, and usually precede his killing of another character.Fellow Youtuber Chilled Chaos when being chased by Adam once said "Spoon, if I die, I'm with Nanners! Spoon, being a traitor as well, revealed Chilled's spot, allowing Adam to enter the room and murder Chilled's character in the game.As Adam is often selected as a Traitor and is quite proficient at convincing the Innocent of his trustworthiness (before killing them), Adam's friends have become quite skeptical of his innocence.Adam, as a Traitor (or aiding one) often ad-libs elaborate stories to attract innocent players, before killing them all.

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